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Silver From Bali - Bali Silver Beads Wholesale - Balinese Silver Beads

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Silver from Bali - Bali Silver ads Wholesale - Balinese Silver Beads


Bali Silver Wholesale is manufacturer and wholesaler of Handmade Bali 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry. We carry only the best quality and authentic Bali sterling silver rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, harmony balls, beads, chains and other Bali jewellry at unbeatable wholesale prices.


We stand behind every product we sell, as our silver jewelry are made from 925 sterling silver and handmade by artisans in Bali and exceptional in detail and quality. Our products are manufactured  from solid sterling  silver. We do not use silver plating. Our Balinese artisans produce all their work by hand.









































In addition we can also produce our customer's personal designs. Just send us the actual samples or 3 dimensional images with details measurements, and we will make counter samples before dealing on price, all within 10 days. All personal designs are kept confidential. We will not offer personal designs to others and jeopardize our reputation and trust on us.


We also carry several items available in-stock for immediate purchase. where individual and small store can buy retail at very close to wholesale prices and don't have to worry about minimum quantity requirements.

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Silver From Bali - Bali Silver Beads Wholesale - Balinese Silver Beads









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