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Our Bali silver round and oval beads are beautifully hancrafted with exquisite details that are sure to give your beaded jewelry and craft designs a touch of artistic appeal. You can mix and match our Bali silver round beads and findings into your jewelry, and then assemble the final piece to produce treasures that are truly of your own creation.


Our minimum order for beads is relatively low at only 100 grams per style and the more you order, the less the price you will pay.


Beads order from 100 grams (per style) up to 249 grams (per style), price at US$ 1.36 per gram

Beads order from 250 grams (per style) up to 499 grams (per style), price at US$ 1.29. per gram

Beads order from 500 grams (per style) up to 999 grams (per style), price at US$ 1.21. per gram

Beads order from  1000 grams  (per style)  and above  (per style), price at US$ 1.18. per gram


Note that prices on our catalog are subject to change following the price of silver in the world market.

Bali Silver Round & Oval Beads

Bali Round & Oval Beads 1

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BD 62006

Size:22mm X 17mm

Hole Diameter: 2mm

Weight : 6.1Gram

BD 62007

Size:12mm X 13mm

Hole Diameter: 2mm

Weight : 3.5Gram

BD 62008

Size:15mm X 16mm

Hole Diameter: 2mm

Weight : 2.9Gram

BD 62009

Size:11.5mm X 12.5mm

Hole Diameter: 1.5mm

Weight : 2.7Gram

BD 62010

Size:17mm X 18mm

Hole Diameter: 2mm

Weight : 5.4Gram

BD 62001

Size:12mm X 12mm

Hole Diameter: 1mm

Weight : 1.9Gram

BD 62002

Size:14.5mm X 14.5mm

Hole Diameter: 2mm

Weight : 3.4Gram

BD 62003

Size:13mm X 12mm

Hole Diameter: 2.5mm

Weight : 3.3Gram

BD 62004

Size:15mm X 15mm

Hole Diameter: 2mm

Weight : 4.1Gram

BD 62005

Size:10mm X 10mm

Hole Diameter: 1mm

Weight : 1.8Gram

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