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At Bali Satya Silver, you will find a great selection of sterling silver charms to chose from. Whatever your style, we offer a unique way of personalizing your life and unique style through our easily-be-decorated Bali Silver Charms.


You are free to customize your order such as  changing gemstones. However, note that with minimum order of 15 pieces per style, you are allowed to have 3 different sizes and stone selections.  Also bear in mind that prices are vary depending on stone selections and sizes.


Due to unstable price of silver in the world market, we're unable to list our prices. We will be able to insert prices when silver rate stabilize.  If you are interested in some style(s), just email us the code number(s) and we will send latest price based on silver rate on the date of your inquiry.

Bali Silver Charm Pendants

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