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We also produce and carry these beautiful and unique handmade Bali design sterling silver hair clips or barrettes in our collections. These will make an exceptional accessory for special occasions with formal attire!


You are free to customize your order such as changing gemstones. However, note that with minimum order of 15 pieces per style, you are allowed to have 3 different stone selections.  Also bear in mind that prices are vary depending on stone selections and sizes.


Note that prices on our catalog are based on silver at US$ 18.50 per troy ounce in the world market and are subject to change following the price of silver in the world market.  If you'd like to see price of silver today, for your review and evaluation, you may go to this address,

Bali Silver Hair Clips Collections

Hairclip Catalog Page 1

HP  7001

Size: 82mm x 20mm

Stone: Gold Accents

Price:US$ 12.75  

HP  7002

Size:83mm x 14.5mm

Stone: None

Price:US$ 9.97  

HP  7003

Size:82mm x 16.5mm

Stone: Amethyst Fac

Price:US$ 11.32  

HP  7004

Size: 84mm x 15mm

Stone: None

Price:US$ 10.49  

HP  7005

Size:67.5mm x 21mm

Stone: None

Price:US$ 10.20  

HP  7006

Size: 87mm x 29mm

Stone: Black Onyx

Price:US$ 15.99  

HP  7007

Size: 80mm x 21mm

Stone: None

Price:US$ 9.75  

HP  7008

Size:90.5mm x 30mm

Stone: None

Price:US$ 10.45  

HP  7009

Size:82.5mm x 38mm

Stone: Amethyst Cab

Price:US$ 21.15  

HP  7010

Size: 90mm x 26mm

Stone: None

Price:US$ 2.17  

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