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There are very few pieces of jewelry that can go with everything, but one type that can are our Bali silver pendants without stone. No matter what you are wearing, you can just throw on any of these pendants, and you are good to go.


Note that minimum order at 15 pieces per style. You may combine these pendants with our chain necklaces collections. Just click this link to see our chain collections to match your selected pendants.


Due to unstable price of silver in the world market, we're unable to list our prices. We will be able to insert prices when silver rate stabilize.  If you are interested in some style(s), just email us the code number(s) and we will send latest price based on silver rate on the date of your inquiry.

Bali Silver Pendants Without Stone

Bali Pendants Without Stone 1

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PT 36001  

Size 52mm x 18mm

Weight 2.8 Grams

PT 36002  

Size 39mm x 27mm

Weight 5.4 Grams

PT 36003

Size 37mm x 27mm

Weight 5.0 Grams

PT 36004  

Size 32mm x 30mm

Weight 7.7 Grams  

PT 36005

Size 39mm x 32mm

Weight 13.5 Grams

PT 36006  

Size 30mm x 28mm

Weight 3.4 Grams 

PT 36007  

Size 41mm x 24mm

Weight 4.2 Grams

PT 36008

Size 34mm x 15mm

Weight 3.6 Grams  

PT 36009  

Size 43mm x 33mm

Weight 3.7 Grams  

PT 36010

Size 35mm x 24mm

Weight 5.5Grams  

PT-36001 PT-36002 PT-36003 PT-36004 PT-36005 PT-36006 PT-36007 PT-36008 PT-36009 PT-36010